James Crump Albert Watson

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James Crump Albert Watson


1922) is one of todays most successful and sought-after fashion and commercial photographers. This book is an important and accessible survey of his work. His photographs have been featured on over 250 covers of VOGUE and in publications such as ROLLING STONE, THE FACE, and ARENA. Albert Watson (b. It features previously unpublished photographs from early in his career, along with his most famous images from both commercial and artistic projects. His instantly recognizable portraits feature many iconic figures of fashion and popular culture, including Kate Moss, Jack Nicholson, Mike Tyson, and Alfred Hitchcock. ALBERT WATSON features an essay by James Crump, a specialist in photography and film, who assesses Watsons influential place in fashion photography and the influence of film on his work. He has shot major commercial campaigns for clients that range from Levis to Chanel.

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